Affordable Website Design

$150 Only Website Design

Do you need an Affordable Website Design that gets the job done but don’t want to spend a fortune? You can now get a simple website up and running within twenty-four hours with our limited-time offer package for only $150, with no monthly payments or other hidden charges–hosting included! And if the low price isn’t enough to win you over, you might be interested to know that your basic website can be upgraded to include more pages, online shipping and much more at any time, turning it into a truly intricate website without you having to sink in lots of money to reinvent the wheel! Your low-cost website will get you two pages: a Home page and a Contact Us page. Each page can support up to 500 words and four pictures that you provide, helping you express your business plan and make a connection with visitors looking to get in touch with you. Your under $200 website will rival those of higher cost websites in design and aesthetics, allowing your business to make a bold statement to your customers: that while you prefer simplicity, you won’t compromise for anything less than perfect.

*- Other promotions and offers cannot be applied to this limited-time package.
** – This offer is mutually exclusive with all others.

Affordable Website Design
  • ​Free hosting for the first year; $80 annually thereafter.
    Domain registration is offered as part of the package without any additional costs so long as it’s valued at $15 or less.
  • The website offered is made with WordPress only.
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Up to two pages included in this package; each page can support up to 500 words broken up into two sections/paragraphs, and four pictures. May cost more to add more pages.
  • Other out-of-package, premium features may be added if requested, which can lead to costlier websites.
  • High-performance Nginx server.

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