Samsung Galaxy Alpha challenges iPhone 6

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is challenging the iPhone 6The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Released, and it looks like the smartphone is ready to take the war to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6!
The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is set to have a 4.7 inch HD Super AMOLED display, can download large files using both wifi and the mobile phone’s data service, can activate ultra-power mode which enables the device to go on longer before needing the recharge, a homscreen sensor that allows for finger-print security measures – all in all, most of the features the Samsung Galaxy S5 has.
However, in most cases, the Samsung Galaxy S5 still seems to have the better specs when compared to the upcoming Samasung Galaxy Alpha. The Galaxy Alpha will however be coming with chamfered metal edge, copying the iPhone 5S’ style. Perhaps Samsung finally recognises that the old plastic-ware does not add to the prestige and class of Apple’s iPhones.

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