Apple’s Upcoming Lighting Cable with Reversible USB Plug

Apple Lighting Cable

Apple Lighting Cable

Apple's Upcoming Lighting Cable with Reversible USB PlugHear ye, hear ye: Apple’s Lightening cable is around the corner!
Have you ever heard about Apple’s Upcoming Lighting Cable with Reversible USB Plug? New charger will continue on Apple’s legacy of providing iPhone and iPad chargers and cables that do not posses any “right” or “wrong” sides. Apple’s chargers are perhaps some of the easiest to use thanks to the reversible USB plug feature, allowing Apple product users to easily plug in their devices without must hassle and struggle, even in dim-lighted situations.

Australian blogger Sonny Dickson, who has reviewed Apple products before they hit the stores, posted a photo of the upcoming Apple Lightening cable with Reversible USB Plug. The existing Lightning cable can plug into an iPhone or iPad in any way, but the latest design will bring the feature to both ends of the cable.
The Lightening cable comes days after Apple Daily published articles rumoring the details of the larger iPhone 6L.

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