iPhone case threatens credit card security

If you are using FLIR better think twice, iPhone case threatens credit card security

In a previous blog, I wrote on how FLIR Systems has been building iPhone 5 cases that offer thermal imaging features to the iPhone. Whilst law enforcers use thermal imaging to locate criminals, criminals seem to have had taken a liking to the thermal imaging features made available by FLIR Systems. Through the use of the specialized iPhone case, criminals are able to steal a credit card’s pin codes.
When you enter your pin code at the check-out in the supermarket, the next customer can use the thermal imaging feature available on their iPhone case to easily and covertly take photos of the keypad used to enter your pin code. There they find heat signature residues left behind by you when you used the keypad to enter your pin code. By consulting the thermal images of the keypad, a criminal can reproduce the pin codes used with a success rate of 80%, assuming that the thermal image was taken within a minute of it last being used.
Security analysts suggest that we must all just merely touch as many keys on the keypad as possible whilst entering our pin codes, to ensure that those looking to steal our pin-codes fail.

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