The Internet of Things and Security Risks

The Internet of Things is the concept of gadgets and smart devices becoming connected together through a digital network, allowing easy and remote access to these said devices. These devices would also interact with one another to a large extent, allowing, for example, the wall-mounted clock to send in a request to the coffee-maker to start mixing you up a cup of café au lait, all the while your microwave starts preparing your breakfast and your thermostat turning the air-conditioner off as you leave the comfort of your duvet.

The problem with the Internet of Things is, primarily speaking, the fact that the vulnerabilities that devices connected to the network share. In most cases, if one device were to be hacked — which is relatively easy, seeing as how some devices can be hacked by simply knowing the residence’s IP address — then all the other devices can easily be hacked. The biggest concerns are hacking televisions’ microphones and security cameras.

The BBC put up an experiment recently to see how vulnerable the Internet of Things truly is. Eight experts were assembled. The conclusion of the experiment? All devices were hacked by these experts rather easily.

With most of them, if you can connect to it you can own it,” said head of security research at Sophos, James Lyne.

If anything, these concerns and flaws should be resolved first and foremost, if there is any hopes of a safe transition to using these devices and the Internet of Things in the future.

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