Steps to Build Business Website

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How to Build Business Website?

Starting with Business Website

There are steps to build a business website. A website for your company or business talks about your product or services.
Step 1.  You need a domain name
Domain name is an internet address that people use to find you on the internet. Choose a name that people remember as well as their name. The domain name should relevant to your business and has to be meaningful unless you want to start a brand or a name that is shorter but still can help to remember. The suffix after the name calls TLD. TLDs like .com, .net, .org and .info are different and designated for different purpose. During years we noticed that people choose TLDs that is not related to the nature of the business. For example, some Churches choose .com don’t get me wrong but .COM is designated for Commercial and .TV is designed for TV stations. However, you are free to choose those names but we don’t recommend for a commercial entity you pick a name as MyCommerial.Church , You can find your desired domain name on a registrar website such as to search and reserve your business name on the internet.

Step 2. You need a hosting account
You need to get storage space for the web pages to upload. If you keep the products or services information on your computer hard-disk, no one can have access to them so you need space on the internet to publish that information on the internet so everyone can access and read them. you can buy hosting from us on trihead.domain when you buy a domain.

Step 3. What is the purpose of the website
Is the website for e-Commerce or a Corporate? you need to know what you are going to display on the website. If you are a small business company, probably you know what you are going to sell or provide. This is very important to for next step to decide with the scripts that need to use on your website

Step 4. Website Technology
You need to know which technology you want to use for your website. If you have doubt about what we are saying to you? a professional web designer can help and explain to you what is the best technology you need for the purpose of your website. For instance, you need WordPress or Shopify, Wix is better or SquareSpace

Step 5. Branding with Layout and Colors

Branding is very important with that said you need to consider when you start your business. You have to research or ask your web developer or designer to help you with it. Some business without considering the nature of business chooses a color that relevant to your business.

Step 6. Sitemap and navigation

Before you discuss with your web design agent, you need to break down the list of activities or products you have. How can you describe them? How are they related to each other? How they become a package or bundle, Write the title of each service or product to help the agency to understand your business. This part is very important for future digital or social media marketing.

Step 7. Website Content
For the titles you wrote down before this step, you need content for the website and most of the time business owners or sales people have problem with that part. Many businesses need help with understanding with what they provide to their customers.what is the content? In simple word things you want to tell or show to your customers are content. Things you say it write it down and things you want to show, picture it.
I hope this small tips can help you to start your small business and start to build your business website by yourself or a web design agent support you with this important task.

Hiring Web Design Agent

There are plenty of affordable Web Design agency in your area who can help you with building a business website. We will provide free consulting or even you may eligible to get free website services for starting your business website. Feel free to contact me for more information or any help you need to setup your website.


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