Online marketing is key to doing any business in today’s world. This is something an increasing number of businesses—big and small—are coming to realise. There are many reasons why online marketing is overhauling traditional marketing.



While we may be dismissive of how effective marketing just is on us as consumers, what academics are saying should not be ignored. Study after study has found that marketing is very effective in influencing us to do things. This is called nudging.

Despite popular opinion, marketing isn’t about influencing you to buy something. On the contrary, it’s seldom, if ever, about getting consumers to buy anything at all. No, instead, marketing is all about subconsciously making people think about a certain brand.

The key here is the word “subconsciously”. So long as we’re exposed to a brand frequently and over a long period of time, we will come to trust them more than a brand that we’ve never been exposed to before. This is precisely why businesses like Gillette get away with charging more for men’s shaving products than competitors like Dollar Shaving Club do — although that’s changing too, largely thanks to Dollar Shaving Club’s successful marketing strategy.

So we know that marketing is very important in getting consumers to remember brand names. But then, this article is about online marketing. So what’s so special about online marketing? Turns out, a lot.

Internet marketing is simply the marketing but on steroids. After all, if technology can improve our lives by improving our efficiency, they can also be counted on to help us with marketing. And so today’s marketing has all the following benefits for us:

  1. Targeted audience. Think about it—unlike traditional marketing where businesses have to share their advertisements and commercials with everyone with the hope that a small subset of the population might be interested in their products, businesses today can deliver their ads to Internet users who are actually interested in their products. Internet platforms like Google, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon have developed their capabilities so much that they can, with a high level of confidence, deliver ads that are highly effective and well-curated to their audiences.
  2. Businesses are in charge. For the first time in history, businesses decide how much they bid for their ads (ads with a higher bid appear more frequently than those with lower bids), for how long they appear and have real-time access to their ads. This means that they can increase/decrease bids for their ads, pause or cancel their ad campaigns and change its text instantly.
  3. Ads are individually-tailored. Gone are the days when marketers had to shoot in the dark and hope that they hit someone, somewhere, who’s remotely interested in their goods and services. Now, businesses can easily determine who sees their ads on the Internet. They can even have different consumers see different ads based on their online profiles.

And so, it is for this reason that online marketing is something every business should consider implementing to their overall business strategy. Today, businesses no longer can ignore the benets of marketing on the Internet any longer. And premier online marketing companies like triHead LLC can help with all forms of online marketing.

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