Foursquare Revamp Is Finally Here

Foursquare Revamp Is Finally Here

With Foursquare 8.0 now available on Android and iOS since Wednesday (06/08/14), the check-in feature is now officially and effectively dead. That’s right – this is not a mere graphical overhaul, but a ground-up shakeup designed to change everything about the app! Even the app’s logo is now changed to feature a more stylish F.
No longer will you be able to announce to the world where you’ve visited. The task of merely checking-in should now be delegated to the company’s spin-off app, Swarm, which came out in May. So where does this leave Foursquare? Well, Foursquare now acts solely as a recommendation service that is designed to help you seek out the services
you’re after.
Foursquare will now keep in mind your preferences, check-in history, its own collected restaurant ratings, and data from your Foursquare friends to suggest locations for you to try out.
Many older users do however complain that the new revamp is far from perfect. The app’s been CR criticized wasting too much battery and just being quite an annoyance with the way overwhelming information is presented to users.

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