If you’ve been scouring the Internet looking for web developers based in Houston you’re likely to be familiar with their exorbitant prices. This is because web developing is an art. It takes time, effort and creativity. Add in the costs web developers incur when developing websites (i.e. domain registration, hosting, purchasing website themes and add-ons, etcetera) and you’re left with a costly website.
In spite of all these obstacles, triHead offers high-quality web development and maintenance services at an affordable cost. This affordability is owed largely to the economy of scale boost we benefit from thanks to our large and ever-growing infrastructure.
Thanks to our large infrastructure, we also have great offers for our e-commerce web design pricing, on top of our affordable web design prices. We’re now in a day and age where e-commerce matters if you want to be globally competitive in your industry. By offering low-cost eCommerce web design prices, we hope to display our commitment to clients who are in the mar-ket for professional eCommerce websites.

Other low-cost and affordable service we offer

In addition to developing websites, triHead offers market consulting, business consulting and pay-per-click (PPC) services.
Market consulting and business consulting are meetings held at informal settings where a triHead expert specializing in your business’ industry discusses and recommends IT and web solutions to complement your business strategy. Market consulting is more focused on how your business can acquire and maintain market share on the Internet. In contrast, business consulting considers your business goals and recommends IT and web solutions to help turn those business goals into a reality.
And finally, for the fabled pay-per-click services. PPC is a very effective online advertisement campaign that is well-known for immediately measurable results. The way a PPC campaign works is that you pay third-party online advertisers money for every visit made to your website as a consequence of their advertising. We use Google as our PPC partner when a client asks us to do a PPC ad campaign.

How our affordable professional web design pricing do differs from our competitor’s cheap web design prices?

Web Design Rates | Special Prices | Low Cost Web DesignHowever, a distinction has to be made between our affordable services and some of our newer competitive’s cheap services. Where our newer competitors might ask for less when developing websites, the websites they deliver are inferior in every way imaginable. From quality to appearance to security features, they’re subpar. They’re often not compatible with search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, either.
The websites we deliver are professionally designed, modern and secure. They’re packaged to the tooth with features helpful to your business and to your clients. The affordability and low-cost websites we develop directly challenge those in the higher web development segments. You get the same quality and care from us as you would get from them while paying less for it! Now that’s a bargain!

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