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Google Maps, Local SEO

maps search optimization, Local SEOA business website is an important part of Digital Marketing and needs more focus and attention.But our expertise at triHead suggests that optimizing external web properties are important too.
It’s always important to look beyond your website besides SEO and digital marketing on a business website. For local businesses, investment in local directories is a requirement for the strong online marketing effort, maps, and review sites, too.

You spent too much on your website however you’re likely missing out on opportunities.

Google’s algorithm update give more prominence to local map and directory sites such as Yelp. For instances, Yelp listings now rank above the business’ website.
When you search on the query [bakery houston], you have to scroll down on map listings and three organic listings before you finally see a local business website listing. That first local business website is in position 4, truly.

How prospected customers are scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page to find your company website? Somewhere on listings or directory that are more positioned at the top of the search results in page.

Thus, it’s highly recommended to make sure you have eyes on these listings on schedule and optimizing your business presence in the map and directory sites.

Set Up a Google My Business Account
Be sure you’re listed and you use correct business’ information. You can do this for Google maps via Google My Business. We would claim your business on Google My Business and allow them to ensure that your information is accurate and complete.

When your business is signed up and verified through Google Places or Google + Pages, you should move over to Google My Business.

Get Started With Yelp
We claim your business listing on Yelp. Once we’ve claimed your business, we can update your information, upload photos and respond to reviews. Yelp is one of the most popular consumer review websites, and as such, it’s important to ensure your accurate information is present on their website.

Optimize Your Listings
Once we’ve claimed your listings and verified that all contact information is correct, then we optimize your business information. You can add photos, contact information, hours of operation, your URL, and other information to make your listing more visible to visitors. You can also create deals and more.

Gather Reviews
One of the more critical and more difficult tasks to coordinate is gathered great reviews on your listings.

Using methods that you can use to generate reviews are great, however, as many review sites (such as Yelp) discourage review solicitation.

As with everything else, honest, reliable information and reviews are welcome on Google. They want to provide the best information to the searchers. If you offer great service or products, and you take care of your customers, they’re going to be inclined to review your business on these sites whether you ask them to do it or not.

maps search optimization, Houston Local SEOEngage With Customers Online
You have to respond to reviews. You always get both good and bad reviews on Google Maps and Yelp. That’s normal.

It’s critical that you respond, sometimes customers are often more inclined to leave negative feedback than positive so your respond will help to communicate with them.
Negative reviews are not bad at all. If you notice that many customers are complaining about the alike issues or problem, that means you have to correct those errors or mistakes to satisfy your customers. Satisfied customers bring more business.
Provide an email address or phone number to customers so they can contact you to resolve the situation. In any case, respond, acknowledge their concerns and try to make the mistake right as much as you can. It’s not necessary to air the entire concern publicly.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the importance of working with local maps and directories such as Google Maps and Yelp is a virtue.

Part of your ongoing SEO strategy is to manage your business on these sites and it is not a one-time task. The mindset of  “set it and forget it” could leave you
with outdated or wrong information, negative reviews that are unanswered, and other problems.

It’s likely that more customers will be exposed to your business through these sites than your actual website, at least initially. Hopefully, your business grows by including these sites in your overall strategy.