PPC and SEO Keyword Research

Users and search engine depend on keywords to find a relevant website. SEO Keyword Research is one of the important tasks in almost everything you do online; from seeking information through Google to blogging, SEO (search engine optimization), and online marketing.

Using the Right Keywords

Your website is optimized when chosen right keywords which pair your content for showing up in search engine results.

Whenever someone searches for those keywords or phrases. But picking eligible keywords is an art. Figuring out what the people are searching for, so that your page can be in the right place, at the right time, with the right content.

Google Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is a tool for professional advertisers to build new Search Network campaigns or expanding SEO strategy for your marketing plan. You would search for keyword and ideas, see the performance of keywords, and use them in the content of your website or blog. Keyword Planner also helps you to choose competitive keywords to get better ranking on search results.

Effective keyword research is an increasingly significant skill for digital marketers. They need to know how to develop a good keyword list for pay-per-click campaigns (Google Adwords) and search engine optimization (SEO), also smart content marketers use keyword research to find out what subject they should write about and what sentence they should use while writing.

There are steps for keyword research that we take in general, to complete the keyword research process for SEO or Ads:

  • Create a seed list of starting terms
  • Expand your list using keyword research tools
  • Refine your list with competitive research
SEO helps to increase a website’s organic web traffic.

SEO Keyword Research

Advertisers pay Google ads (Adwords) to display their ads to the users. Google Ads works with PPC Campaign, but like a web page SEO, the ranking factors apply to Ads. Keyword research and user experience and a call to action are important of an online marketing. A Google Analytics can be linked to you account. To gain better placement for your ads, we suggest build a landing okafe for your website

triHead SEO Service

There are many search engine optimization companies out there, but none like us. Here at triHead, we have years’ worth of experience in not just SEO, but also in other parts of the online marketing industry. Our holistic approach to digital marketing just works!

At triHead, we audit your website. If it’s an old, static website, we’ll typically recommend that you let us make you a new and dynamic website using our stylish web design. A dynamic website would allow for a better ranking than a static one.

Then we’ll set up an SSL certificate that’ll allow visitors to connect to an HTTPS version of your website. What this essentially means is that visitors will be able to establish a secure connection to your website, something that Google takes into account before ranking websites.

Then, we’ll write up relevant content for your website in-house, taking care to include all relevant and powerful keywords and key phrases that make your website more readily available on Google’s search engine results pages.

And finally, when the website’s ready, we’ll closely monitor it on Google’s SERP to make sure that your brand’s online presence only continues to improve.

All this will take some time, but the benefits far outweigh the costs in the long-term. Let us help your business on its path to greatness.


We’re an experienced online marketing company in Houston so we’re very familiar with the latest techniques and strategies used by businesses around the globe to get the best possible results.

Our marketers keep up with every change, big or small, in the search engines’ algorithms to make sure that your ranking doesn’t suffer.

We’re very thorough and only use legitimate techniques. We won’t stuff your website with irrelevant keywords and purchased backlinks, as these unethical techniques are sure to backfire.

  • Page Speed
  • Responsive
  • Multilingual
  • Prominent
  • High Conversion Rate
  • Contact Form
  • Modern Design
  • Shop Ready
  • Drag and Drop
  • Responsive
  • Multilingual
  • Shop Ready

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