Link Building Service for SEO

Link building refers to the practice of having other websites linking their pages to your website. The more prominent the website linking to your website, the better. If a prominent website were to link your site in one of their pages, it’s effectively signalling its trust and its approval of your website. It establishes your website’s authority on the internet.

What is Link Building?

Link building is essentially a search engine optimization (SEO) campaign aimed at winning the Internet popularity contest. Since their advent search engines have been committed to indexing the World Wide Web. The need to index the web meant that search engines faced the challenge of deciding what factors were involved in deciding what ranking websites got when they showed up in web searches. The level of trust and authority a website commands amongst other websites came to be one such deciding factor.

Since then, link building has been an integral part of any well-planned SEO campaign aiming to effectively presenting the client’s website in search engine results pages (SERP). It’s a tool that allows search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to effectively analyze and rank websites when people web search for a term or a product.

Why is Link Building Important?

Most search engine optimization professionals agree that link building isn’t all that there is to SEO. But it is a major contributing factor in determining how successful an SEO campaign is. An authority on the internet is, as in real life, a key determinant of how much your company can be trusted. And this trust is the currency search engines use to rank your website when displaying it in a relevant web search.

The Importance of Link Building in SEO

Unfortunately, search engines don’t disclose their algorithms. As a consequence, the metrics we use to assign a value to link building is based on an imperfect science. What SEO professionals generally rely on at the end of the day is their experience to determine how to best move forward. This is why search engine optimization campaigns can take such a long time before they pay off.

However, based on our years’ of experience we can safely assume that the tricks we use are effective. Here at triHead LLC we know, for example, that link building isn’t a one-way street (your website needs to support external websites by linking to their pages), that relevancy is important (i.e. links from a car wash website supporting a family clinic not only doesn’t improve ranking but also hurts ranking), anchor texts are helpful (when dozens of external websites link to one single page using the right keywords), etcetera.

Pundits in the search engine optimization industry often praise content as ‘The King’. But often it’s link building that is the most difficult—and at the same time the most critical part—of an SEO campaign. Link building is an art. It separates amateurs from professionals. It requires extensive research, backed by a strong budget and an impenetrable willpower to make it work.

White Hat vs Black Hat in SEO

As a component of SEO, link building can be divided into two parts. In one hand you have the rules-abiding type, white hat link building. These are practices that fall well within the search engines’ policies and guidelines. They are perfectly legitimate. They include long-term link building that involves promoting other websites along the way.

Then there’s the black hat brand. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo have dedicated valuable resources to combat this type of link building. Some pundits are asking the search engines to do even more to crack down on this practice. One example of black hat link building is buying links from external websites. It’s frowned upon because paying for links is the equivalent of bribing non-government organizations to promote your business. It’s a dishonest way of pursuing authority on the Internet.

When discovered, websites relying on paid links have their ranking thrown into the depths of the abyss. Unfortunately, it’s impossible for Google, Bing and Yahoo to completely eliminate paid links from their search engine results pages. Still, here at triHead LLC we are firmly opposed to this manner of link building. We strictly rely on white hat SEO methods only, and link building is no exception to that rule.

Growing Popularity by Link Building

Links are the roads between web pages and for search engines that crawl the countless cities on the web, links are the roads between web pages. By using sophisticated link analysis, the engines can determine how web pages are related to one another and in what ways.

  • Used by search engines
  • Global Popularity
  • Local/Topic-Specific Popularity
  • Anchor Text
  • Trust
  • Rank
  • Link Neighborhood
  • Freshness
  • Social Sharing

triHead Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO helps to increase a website’s organic web traffic.


We’re an experienced SEO company in Houston so we’re very familiar with the latest techniques and strategies used by businesses around the globe to get the best possible results.

Our marketers keep up with every change, big or small, in the search engines’ algorithms to make sure that your ranking doesn’t suffer.

We’re very thorough and only use legitimate SEO techniques. We won’t stuff your website with irrelevant keywords and purchased backlinks, as these unethical techniques are sure to backfire.

  • Page Speed
  • Responsive
  • Multilingual
  • Prominent
  • High Conversion Rate
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  • Modern Design
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