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Tell us if you know the alternative solution for Facebook Messenger App?

When Facebook began forcing Android and iPhone users to download the Facebook messenger to be able to read their Facebook messages, people reacted by giving bad reviews to the new Facebook messenger app. All Facebook messages have been moved from Facebook’s main app to the Facebook messenger, thus forcing mobile phone users to download the Facebook messenger app, if users intend to keep their Facebook messages and if they hope to continue using the service offered by Facebook. Indeed, within the first hours of the forced shift, the iOS App Store featured Facebook messenger on its front page whilst the app had the one-star rating. Facebook, however, claims that the Facebook messenger app is more stable and efficient than using the main Facebook app to send and receive messages. This has so far done very little to comfort Android and iPhone users, as the Facebook messenger app requires substantial storage space on devices, in order to be effectively downloaded and installed. Not all Android and iPhone users have been forced to download the app, however, as it is expected to take weeks before the transfer is complete. Only Android and iPhone users are required to download the Facebook messenger app. iPad, Windows OS, and Blackberry users can continue relying on Facebook’s main app to carter to their messaging needs. However, a little trick has been discovered that allows Android and iPhone users to bypass the need to download the Facebook messenger. By simply starting to download the Facebook messenger app from the Android’s Google Play or Apple’s App Store, and then canceling it before the app is installed, one can go back to the main Facebook app with all messages still in tact. This trick was first discovered by The Guardian. It is unknown how long this option will stay open for Android and iPhone users, but chances are that Facebook may close off this loophole in a future update.

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