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Startup Website SPECIAL OFFER


Startups and newer small businesses are often cash-strapped and struggle to make ends meet. We were there six years ago, too.

Which is why we’re proud to have put together this special offer halving the price for a Startup Website.

For a limited time, you can get a website up and running for only $300—a great opportunity to get establish an online presence in your industry with a modern, responsive, mobile-friendly website.

Our Web Design Services

We make great websites.

There are two main kinds of websites we offer: Startup Websites and Enterprise Websites.

Startup Websites are modern, responsive and mobile-friendly. They have also got that minimalistic look to them that Silicon Valley startups all go for.

Enterprise Websites are also modern, responsive and mobile-friendly. They look great with that traditional and professional look that larger corporations enjoy. They’re great if you’d like to optimize your website for search engines like Google to index

About us

We have been making websites and offering online marketing and social media consultation for many years now.

In 2014, we registered triHead as a limited liability company in Texas. Since then, we’ve been working hard to give back to the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area and its communities. We’ve been doing this by offering cheap web design and other Internet services to help new local businesses.

Because we’ve been making websites long before 2014, we have clients worldwide. We work with businesses in the United Arab Emirates and Sweden, just to name a few, and we’re hoping to soon expand our area of operations further into continental Europe.



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More to Know About Our Services?

By visiting our website or following us on social media, you can find out more about us, our services and promotions. This will help us stay in touch with you and answer any inquiries you might have quickly.

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Excellent internet services provider.
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