How to Make a WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) in the world and has been for a while now. It’s used by almost 60% of all websites, totalling to more than 22 million sites. And there’s a reason why so many websites use and are made on WordPress. So why is WordPress so popular?

WordPress is both free and open source

Yes, that’s free as in “free speech”, not “free beer”. What that means is that software developers are welcome to help WordPress keep improving by adding new features and patching up bugs.

Some even fork the WordPress source code, letting them take WordPress and turn it into new and brilliant software that users can use. One popular fork of WordPress is ClassicPress.

Creating websites on WordPress is a breeze

WordPress has long moved on from the blog publishing platform it once was long ago. It now has a lot of powerful and flexible tools that let web designers and web developers make beautiful and powerful websites easily and quickly.

The CMS supports a lot of themes and plugins that can increase functionality. There are many specialized plugins that can make life easier for everyone involved.

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SEO friendly

WordPress is very SEO friendly. At least it is when it comes to Google. It does away with a lot of the SEO responsibilities that SEO experts have traditionally had, making the entire enterprise that much easier.

As mentioned in the previous section, WordPress comes with many specialized plugins. One such category of plugins is the SEO plugins which can be a God-send. The most popular plugin of this type being Yoast SEO.

In short…

WordPress is very useful to web design companies like triHead LLC. We use WordPress ourselves regularly and know all the tricks that comes with using the CMS. If you’d like us to make you a website, feel free to check this page here for more information.

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