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As Houston’s premier web design and internet marketing agency, we continue to consistently deliver our clients with High Quality Web Design and cost-effective web advertising campaigns. We have clients of every size, spanning across many industries, trusting us with their business: from local businesses to firms operating across state lines to multinational corporations.

triHead is the top SEO company in Houston that can help you to grow your business in the local market.
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We’re proud to say that we’ve been the go-to high-quality web design service in Houston for over half a decade now. Our business strategy is simple: we offer high-quality, yet affordable, web design service and internet marketing campaigns—think pay-per-click (PPC) by partnering with Google and search engine optimization services (SEO)—to our clients.

As Houstonians, we make sure the services we offer are affordable and high-quality so that Houston’s small businesses can benefit from a bold and ever-growing online presence. We enjoy giving back to the city that has given us so much. At the same time, our custom-tailored services also make a great fit for larger businesses operating across the nation, or even all over the world. In short, our low-cost web design and internet marketing (PPC and SEO) services are made available to any business or organization that would like to establish an online presence.

Affordable Web Design for Small Business & Enterprise Business


We offer our clients in Houston affordable web design. This is because we believe that we should help our fellow Houstonians strive towards their business goals by helping them with their online presence so that they can increase sales and make themselves known to potential customers.

We offer a wide array of web design solutions to our customers. Our most affordable solution is a one-page website where our clients can tell their website visitors a little bit about themselves and the goods and services that they offer. Though basic and barebones, it’s a cost-effective way for any small, up-and-coming business to get a foothold online and get started.


Affordable SEO Service

Internet marketing is very important in this day and age. A competent online marketing campaign helps businesses increase their revenue by around 30%. This happens because a brand name or a website has their online visibility increased substantially to attract more customers than otherwise possible.

Our internet marketing campaigns can be divided into two parts: pay-per-click (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO). Both parts are critical to any online marketing campaign and so complement each other.

triHead Google Map Search Optimization

SEO and PPC campaigns are only two components that make a larger online marketing strategy. If your business is not placed on digital maps such as Google Maps and Apple Maps, you have a reduced chance of drawing in more customers than if you incorporated digital maps into your overall online marketing strategy. We can help your business stand out against its competitors on smartphone maps applications so that customers drive to you rather than your competitors.

Small Business Marketing

Our Clients

We work with a wide range of businesses in the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area. As Houston’s leading SEO experts and as the premier custom web development company, we are proud to have had worked, and continue to work with, clients spanning multiple industries.

Many are based in the US, while others operate abroad. We work with a number of companies in Dubai, for example. While we have clients in almost every industry imaginable, triHead’s services are very popular amongst glass companies, windshield replacement, and auto glass companies, limo and party bus chartering services and auto repair shops.

Our extensive knowledge in these industries is unparalleled, allowing us to design custom websites with content tailored for search engine optimisation. And as the leading web design company & SEO experts in Houston, TX, being able to copywrite time-proven content for our clients is simply invaluable to those businesses who want nothing less than a perfect service.