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We offer the best deals with our affordable web design. We believe professional multi page website design services need to become affordable. All businesses should have a website and the opportunity to grow their online presence. Here at triHead we think we can help.

This is especially important in contemporary times as businesses cannot divest from the internet.

Affordable and professional web design services

Websites are portals to your business. They‘re a window to your core corporate beliefs and values. They’re also indispensable for any business doing business in the 21st century.

No longer do we live in a world where brick-and-mortar stores are enough. In the last two decades, businesses have come to the conclusion that they need to embrace the internet to thrive. And what better way to embrace the information age than to have a website?

Today, when we want a product or a service, we don’t just head on out and drive until we find a brick-and-mortar store. We do a quick web search. Without an online presence, businesses will lose out on a big chunk of their source of income. This is why having a website is critical to businesses today. And this is why it should be important to you and your business.

Professional Multi Page Website Design

Here at triHead, we use a powerful website builder to create custom-made websites. We do this by dividing the entire process into several smaller sub-processes. This systematic and methodical approach to web designing and deployment is beneficial for many reasons. This approach can help us more quickly design websites and launch them. It can also help us be more thorough with identifying and fixing problems, wherever they arise. After all, breaking down challenges can help in solving them.

Our builder is like Wix’s and Squarespace’s. However, unlike theirs, ours is more powerful. It‘s more customizable. This lets us fine-tune websites for our customers’ unique needs. It also lets us continually improve our clients’ websites with added functionality. For example, a client can have eCommerce added to their website in the future even if they don‘t want it now. They won‘t have to overhaul the entire website. This makes websites future-proof and scalable to fit around your needs.

Our multi page website builder makes for great looking websites that are mobile friendly. This is important as more and more people continue to browse the web with smartphones and tablets. Companies can’t afford to miss this continually growing demographic if they wish to remain relevant and influential on the web. Which is why it‘s important to make beautiful browsers that can be scaled down to fit small smartphone screens.

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To create a website for an online store or even single-page websites with a custom domain name you better look for a Houston web design company. Local companies are familiar with your market and can help you better.

some free website builder applications using drag and drop technology to build a website but they are pre-defined and usually, you can not customize them and they don’t give the best user experiences.

A single page site or multiple pages website is your front line in competition battle, so don’t underestimate the power of your website.

multi page website

    Our Professional Web Building System

    There are quite a few things that need to happen during a multi-page website’s development phase. It’s a complex process, and as with just about anything complex, we find it helpful to break it up into several parts. This way, we can better budget the time and resources we allocate to each phase.

    Select Template

    The first step is to determine what template is suitable for the task ahead. We do this by understanding our client’s business plan, strategy, and the products and services they offer. Different clients have different needs. For example, a dentistry is likely to need a different template compared to a fast fashion retailer hoping to utilize eCommerce. For one, a dentistry might want to inform patients and to let them schedule appointments online. A retailer is likely only interested in selling their clothing line.


    Next, we customize the template to better suit our client’s individual needs and wants. This involves collecting new written content, pictures and videos to make sure the final product stands out as unique and highly personalized. By using relevant content, the website becomes distinguishable from the competition. Standing out can be a good thing. It will help customers make a choice.

    Test Final Product

    Finally, once we’re confident in the final product, we test it to ensure it meets our high-quality standards. We test it on its performance, security, configuration, cross-device compatibility. We also test its ability to support other useful features in the future. This is important as websites should be scalable. If a client does well for itself, it shouldn‘t have to make a new website to get features that are now relevant to them. They should be able to get those features at any time on their existing website.

    Deploy Website

    Finally, once we’re confident in the final product, we launch it. That is to say, we make it accessible publicly. It usually doesn‘t stop here, as it‘s important to keep websites updated and maintained. But at this point, the website will be available for everyone to visit.


    We’ve got a lot of experience when it comes to professional website design and online marketing. triHead has helped many businesses to grow by using both Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We build creative Landing Page and match it with Google Adwords campaigns to make your online marketing more efficient, affordable and successful.

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    • Relevent
    • High Conversion Rate
    • Contact Form
    • Modern Design
    • Prominent
    • Easy Navigation
    • Customer Oriented
    • Low Cost Ads
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    Landing Pages help you to pay less for ads by making your ads relevant to your landing pages. As the content in the landing pages matches that of your ads, they stand out more, become more cost-effective and overall, more effective.


    Landing pages are not recommended for Search Engine Optimization since there are no navigations to pages so the page is not indexing by Google or other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.