What is a Landing Page?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a webpage single focus call to action either a signup form or a button. Contests and coupons are also great types of the landing pages generally visitors of these pages basically arrive there after clicking on Facebook ad or in a link in a Google search results page and one of the most important aspects of a landing page is that has no top bar navigation links meant to limit the options available to your visitors and helping them guide them towards the intended called action.

Contests are great way to get new Facebook likes, Twitter followers, traffic to your website and leads by incentivizing them with a prize. There are many different types the contest from the most basic random draw like a Facebook Sweepstakes or to highly involved video contest that has a panel of judges choosing the winner,  all of which can easily setup with contest apps like Wishponds.

My biggest piece of contest advice do not give away an iPad you will get a ton of entries but those people will not be interested in your product and they will be interested in the iPad only. This will make it almost impossible for you to turn those leads into customers because of they only interested in iPads, giving away a product that you sell or store gift card ensures that the entrance is actually interested in you which makes it easy to convert them into sales.

There are two types of main landing pages for two different goals. First click through pages which are meant to sell visitors on a product, service, or offer with a value proposition. include images and information needed to make informed decision get them to click a call to action button that directs them to an e-commence  shopping cart, a PayPal payment form, or a registration page and the second lead generation pages these are used to collect information such as name and email address on sign up form this allows you to market to and connect with your  potential customers or leads at a subsequent  time as such a lead regeneration page will include a form along with a description of what you’re going to get in return for submitting  information or opting in an effective lead generation page offers people something in exchange for filling out the sign-up form for example an e-book, free webinar, coupon or giveaway, this is what known as a bribe.

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