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Online Marketing

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to marketing. Strategies that work for big, national businesses just don’t work for smaller local businesses. Campaigns need to be modified to suit a particular business’ requirements to get the best possible results. At triHead, we offer custom site optimization and marketing solutions for local businesses. We help you establish a strong presence in the market with marketing strategies that work.

We Come Up With the Right Strategy

No two businesses are the same so we spend the time to understand you and your brand before we plan an effective local business marketing strategy. Our marketers will study your competitors, industry, customer base, products, and other such factors carefully and background research. This information about your business helps us create strategies that work and provide the best returns on investment. We study the local business scene and list down techniques that’ll work for your specific requirements.

Establishing a Brand Presence

It’s important to lay the foundation and establish a solid presence online. If you don’t have a good online presence, most of the marketing strategies will fail to provide the results you need. Here’s what we do to make sure there’s a solid foundation in place:

Professional SEO

We carry out thorough professional search engine optimization to ensure your website is visible on Google or Bing.

Branding and Audience

Our designers will ensure your website has a consistent brand theme and design. This means it will appeal to your target audience and generate more conversions.

Local SEO

We’ll claim your website on Google My Business and make sure all the name, address, and phone number information is accurate.


Our web designers will ensure the website is SEO friendly and will support future SEO campaigns easily. We’ll make sure it loads quickly on all platforms, including mobile.

Effective PPC Ads

Our marketers will create effective PPC ads to increase visibility. It takes some time for organic traffic to flow in through different channels. PPC delivers more immediate results and helps you gain traffic quickly. PPC ads can help you if you’re a newly established company and need to get your name out there.


A combination of great SEO website optimization and paid marketing techniques like PPC will help bring the healthy amount of traffic to your website.


Generic designs won’t appeal to customers well, especially if they’re poorly-created and installed. We can create custom skins for your website that fit in with your brand image and include all the special features you need.

The Local 3-Pack

The local 3-pack is the biggest advantage small and local businesses have over large companies and competitors. You need to have a local address, phone number, and presence to be featured in the top three results present at the top of the search engine results page. These results occupy prime screen real estate and are immediately visible at the top of the SERP.

We use sophisticated web search optimization techniques to increase the website ranking and improve its chances of being featured on the local 3-pack list. We’ll make sure the website is of good quality, that your business has a few good reviews on Google+, and all the information about your business is accurate.