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A One Page website is one that is minimalistic. It’s a single homepage, with no links to navigate to other parts of the website, as the homepage is the website. It serves to inform visitors in as few words as possible without distracting them.

Naturally, a Single Page website doesn’t have any other pages than the homepage (i.e. about, services, contact) this does away with the clutter that a reader would find distracting and unhelpful.

What is a One Page Website?

As we’ve just explored, the term one-page website is exactly what it sounds like. It comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages when compared to a multipage website. It’s important to understand these differences in order to use single page websites effectively.

Simply put, a one-page website is a single page website that makes use of only just one, single HTML page. Most single-page websites do come with menu bars, not unlike your bigger multipage websites. But, instead of taking you to different web pages (i.e. about us, service, contact), selecting a menu bar merely takes visitors down to a predefined anchor location somewhere on the site’s only page. This is typically achieved through JavaScript, CSS3, Ajax and jQuery—all very useful tools to us professional web designers.

Many startups and small businesses have recently adopted the one page website. But single-page websites aren’t limited to just startups and small businesses. In fact, larger multinational corporations also make use of temporary single-page websites as preview pages and placeholders to dedicated to their planned promotional offers and activities prior to a pre-planned big launch.

Why Do Businesses Like One Page Websites?

Creating a one-page website is nearly always easier than creating a multipage website. It’s just a well-known fact that a one-page website often takes significantly less time and resources to make than your traditional, larger multipage website will.

It’s worth noting however that the designing part usually takes a bit longer with one-page websites, mostly owing to the fact that getting the HTML portion of a single-page website sorted is a bit more complicated. But in the long term, it’s normally a more expeditious alternative.

One page websites are also considerably simpler to maintain. The same is true when a business decides to update the existing content because it’s all in just one location.

Many small business proprietors also often find writing up the content for a single page website to be a much easier task than having to write content for a multipurpose website.

Given that only-page websites are often design-driven, it’s expedient to keep the content as barebones as possible. It’s just easier for visitors and potential customers to look up information that’s relevant to them when it’s concise and well-organized.

Do One Page Websites Have Any Downsides?

Websites with one page aren’t perfect for everybody. When used properly, they can be a great marketing tool. They can be refreshing to make and refreshing to visit. But they’re not meant to replace traditional, multipurpose, multipage websites.

Some search engine optimization (SEO) companies argue that swapping a multipage website in favor of an only-page website can be damaging to a company’s online visibility. Our in-house SEO experts share this sentiment also.

This is because when the entirety of your firm’s data and information is located on one page, you won’t have the privilege of being able to index many pages with different keywords, keyphrases and meta descriptions that are known to help you advertise your products and services online using search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and DuckDuckGo.

There’s also the issue of some businesses having too much information to be fairly represented by a one-page website. No matter how concise the content, there are times when a business simply cannot be confined to a single webpage to convey all relevant information to visitors.

At the end of the day, both one-page and multipage websites have their own use-cases, strengths and weaknesses. If one understands their unique attributes, one can use both website types to more effectively and efficiently improve their online presence.

Single page websites focus on readers’ attention by providing them with clutter-free, no-distraction access to content that they find relevant.
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