September 2015, Apple Announcement for new iPhone

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San Francisco, once again will host announcement on new Apple Smart Phone, iPhone. September usually is the time to announce for iPhone new features and options. We are looking forward to see this new phone [...]

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DIY Ecommerce Guide to Gorgeous Product Photography

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Source : Prestashop by Natalie Beige When it comes to eCommerce and online retail, there’s no denying that product photography plays a huge role in customer purchasing behavior. Using beautiful, high-quality images to showcase your products will be your store’s biggest asset for increasing conversions. We interviewed Thomas Kragelund, CEO of Remove the Background, a seasoned expert at optimizing product images for ecommerce sites. In this DIY ecommerce guide to gorgeous product photography, Thomas answers commonly asked questions and shares professional techniques to help you produce irresistible product images. […]

1.2 Billion Passwords Stolen by Russian Hackers

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Hold Security, a US-based internet security company has uncovered the allegedly largest security breech in recent years. The Russian-based hackers have apparently been able to steal around 1.2 billion username and password combos, as well as [...]

Amazon’s New 3D On-Demand Store

By | July 31st, 2014|Categories: Business|

Amazon has just started a new online market feature by partnering 3D printing companies Sculpteo, MixeeLabs and 3DLT. The 3D on-demand store now features dozens of items, including jewelry and trinkets, iPhone cases, bobblehead dolls [...]

Amazon Reveals Digital Library Service

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Largest e-Book, Amazon Digital Library Amazon Reveals Digital Library Service Amazon is thought to be one of the largest e-book suppliers in the world, with close to a million titles being offered. In an effort to better compete against rivals such as Apple’s iBooks, Amazon now offers a new service, dubbed “Kindle Unlimited”, that basically opens up a digital library to clients for $9.99 per month. […]