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How to Improve Your Small Business Marketing
SEO helps small business marketing whether small or large companies. There is a lot you can do for your small or local business. Obviously, a lot you can do to achieve local marketing goals by yourself. Many of the relevant things to focus on. … Read More

How to Build Business Website?
Starting with Business Website
There are steps to build a business website. A website for your company or business talks about your product or services.
Step 1.  You need a domain name
Domain name is an internet address that people use to find you on the internet. Choose a … Read More

How to Build an Smart Small Business Website
Based on recent studies, about half of small business owners don’t  know a website is a requirement in modern business. Like everyone of us before we start to purchase any type of goods or services, we research online to learn about them and find … Read More

Internet marketing is the most efficient way to improve public relations, hands down.

In this day and age, the Internet is the main way that your customers will find and interact with you. Without a strong presence online, your company will suffer and have a tough time competing in your industry.

Many … Read More

triHead, LLC wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving day. And also we say thanks to those who being with us in past years and let us grow.

What is a landing page?
A landing page is a webpage single focus call to action either a signup form or a button. Contests and coupons are also great types of the landing pages generally visitors of these pages basically arrive there after clicking on Facebook ad or in a link in … Read More

Small Businesses need to build website to grow their business
Small business has no website, Now is the time!
Bill Gates once very astutely observed,
“If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.”
Survey shows that new small business start-ups with the website have more chance … Read More

New Apple Smart Phone
San Francisco, once again will host announcement on new Apple Smart Phone, iPhone. September usually is the time to announce for iPhone new features and options. We are looking forward to see this new phone and follow that new competition between smartphone manufacturers, Who is the winner? … Read More

triHead known as best SEO company in Houston
10 Best SEO Award for triHead, LLC
10 Best SEO Award is given to triHead by 10BestSEO. We are proud to announce triHead, LLC awarded with 10 best SEO Agency Houston from 10BestSEO, San Francisco. We placed on the 4th position of 10 Best SEO ranking … Read More

A successful singing competition American idol
A successful singing competition TV shows which call American Idol goes on air tonight. The tonight’s episode performs at Nashville & Kansas City Auditions (8/7c) U.S. time.
The famous TV show started on Fox on June 11, 2002, based on British series POP IDOL and then … Read More

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coming out in 17 October, it is the perfect time to discuss a bit more about the Phablet , and try to pit it off against Apple’s newly released iPhone 6 Plus.

Firstly, let’s focus on the design. The iPhone 6 Plus posses, like previous … Read More

Does your new iPhone 6 Plus bends too?
The new iPhone 6 has been criticized by Android lovers as being far behind the mobile phone race, but nothing so far has perhaps challenged Apple’s new iPhone 6 Plus series more than its rather peculiar (and totally unwanted) tendency to get easily … Read More

Samsung Telecommunications has started aggressively mocking the new iPhone. Samsung has been launching campaigns targeting new Apple products for years now, and the recent announcements declaring that the iPhone 6 is inferior to Samsung’s own products has not therefore come off as any form of surprise. Samsung has, arguable, even … Read More

What do you know about iOS 8?
The iOS 8 came out on 17 September 2014, with the new operating system supporting iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPod Touch (5th generation), iPad 2, iPad (3rd generation), iPad (4th generation), iPad Air, iPad Mini … Read More

The Internet of Things and Security Risks
The Internet of Things is the concept of gadgets and smart devices becoming connected together through a digital network, allowing easy and remote access to these said devices. These devices would also interact with one another to a large extent, allowing, for example, the … Read More

If you are using FLIR better think twice, iPhone case threatens credit card security
In a previous blog, I wrote on how FLIR Systems has been building iPhone 5 cases that offer thermal imaging features to the iPhone. Whilst law enforcers use thermal imaging to locate criminals, criminals seem to have … Read More

Social Media’s Future : Twitter vs. Facebook
As we’ve seen in the past fortnight, Twitter and Facebook are becoming more and more unique in the applications that they serve for social media users. Facebook has become a collection of enjoyable personal activities, whilst Twitter has taken to playing a more solemn … Read More

Apple Lighting Cable
Hear ye, hear ye: Apple’s Lightening cable is around the corner!
Have you ever heard about Apple’s Upcoming Lighting Cable with Reversible USB Plug? New charger will continue on Apple’s legacy of providing iPhone and iPad chargers and cables that do not posses any “right” or “wrong” sides. Apple’s … Read More

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha Released, and it looks like the smartphone is ready to take the war to Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6!
The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is set to have a 4.7 inch HD Super AMOLED display, can download large files using both wifi and the mobile phone’s data service, can … Read More

Tell us if you know the alternative solution for Facebook Messenger App?
When Facebook began forcing Android and iPhone users to download the Facebook messenger to be able to read their Facebook messages, people reacted by giving bad reviews to the new Facebook messenger app. All Facebook messages have been moved … Read More

Facebook Messenger split has begun

Facebook has informed news website Mashable that mobile phone users are now required to download and install Facebook Messenger, an app that first came out in April and is intended to be used independently from the main Facebook app.

Many smartphone users still view the Facebook Messenger … Read More

Google Ranks Secure Websites
Google has begun bumping up websites that are secure and facilitate encrypted data transfer, in a bid to reduce vulnerabilities that may put users’ private information at risk. Google hopes that this will be enough of an incentive to encourage webmasters to rethink security strategies and implement … Read More

DIY Ecommerce Guide to Gorgeous Product Photography
Source : Prestashop by Natalie Beige

When it comes to eCommerce and online retail, there’s no denying that product photography plays a huge role in customer purchasing behavior. Using beautiful, high-quality images to showcase your products will be your store’s biggest asset for increasing conversions.

We interviewed Thomas … Read More

Foursquare Revamp Is Finally Here
With Foursquare 8.0 now available on Android and iOS since Wednesday (06/08/14), the check-in feature is now officially and effectively dead. That’s right – this is not a mere graphical overhaul, but a ground-up shakeup designed to change everything about the app! Even the app’s logo … Read More

1.2 Billion Passwords Stolen by Russian Hackers

Hold Security, a US-based internet security company has uncovered the allegedly largest security breech in recent years. The Russian-based hackers have apparently been able to steal around 1.2 billion username and password combos, as well as more than 500 million email addresses.
The hackers ran botnets … Read More

Mobile Phone Case Gives iPhone 5 Heat Vision
The armed forces and law enforcement agencies in most Western countries rely on a system called FLIR (forward-looking infrared device) to locate threats and neutralize them. A similar system, called FLIR One, has now been developed to enable the iPhone 5 smartphones to … Read More

Amazon 3D Store
Amazon has just started a new online market feature by partnering 3D printing companies Sculpteo, MixeeLabs, and 3DLT. The 3D on-demand store now features dozens of items, including jewelry and trinkets, iPhone cases, bobblehead dolls (even ones that, with a little customization, can look like you), home decor … Read More

Largest e-Book, Amazon Digital Library
Amazon Reveals Digital Library Service
Amazon is thought to be one of the largest e-book suppliers in the world, with close to a million titles being offered. In an effort to better compete against rivals such as Apple’s iBooks, Amazon now offers a new service, dubbed “Kindle … Read More

Photos are memory made with passion. something even after vast of the time still one remembers the freshness of the air, smells essence of person who met many years ago for first time. They refresh our mind and feelings. Bitter time or sweetness of an encounter with a real friend for … Read More