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Chem Fabrication LLC, also known as ChemFab, is a specialty engineering, manufacturing, and field service group headquartered in Clute, Texas. The company plays a vital role in the industrial sector, particularly serving the petrochemical, refining, power, oil, and gas markets along the Texas Gulf Coast and internationally. ChemFab’s comprehensive services include the design, engineering, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and repair of process equipment, either in their facility or on-site. Their product offerings cover a broad spectrum, including TEMA Heat Exchangers, ASME Code Pressure Vessels, B31.3 Piping, NBIC Boilers, API Storage Tanks, and various ancillary equipment components like nozzles, dip tubes, spargers, plenums, and specialty equipment internals.

One of ChemFab’s distinguishing features is their Field Services Group, which provides on-site fabrication, installation, commissioning, and repair services for piping and process equipment, available for both planned outages and emergency situations. Additionally, their Bundle Extraction business specializes in the on-site removal or re-installation of heat exchanger bundles for repair or replacement, utilizing a specialty aerial bundle extractor. They are known for their capability in fast-track service, emergency repairs, and having in-house engineering support, alongside being a heat exchanger specialist.

ChemFab’s facilities are strategically located in Freeport, Texas, putting them at the center of the chemical and refining industrial plant facilities that frequently require their services for equipment repair and maintenance. They offer a mix of products including ASME Pressure Vessels, TEMA Heat Exchangers, API Tanks, and Piping Systems made from various materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Ni Alloys, Clad, and Weld Overlay.

In terms of revenue and competition, Chem Fabrication LLC’s estimated annual revenue is $4.8M, with an estimated revenue per employee of $171,500. The company currently employs 28 individuals. Their services are critical to a variety of industrial projects, and they strive to meet and exceed their clients’ expectations, working with notable companies like BASF, OLIN, DOW, Shintech, Shinetsu, and Freeport LNG.

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