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As professional Web Designer and Internet Marketing Agency in Houston, we do our effort to deliver the best quality web design service to small business or corporates.
Small business owners who are looking for best Web Design in Houston, triHead LLC is your total solution for all your business web design needs. We are experienced and skillful Web Design Company. We are proud to say that we have been providing quality website design services to many businesses from the past few years.
Because triHead LLC is honest and sincere and reputed Houston web design company, it has been chosen by vast of organizations for designing their websites. Our portfolio elongates across a number of industries like Wholesale, Retail, etc. triHead LLC is a web design and web hosting company targeted on creating and maintaining finely designed websites for businesses and individuals. We offer an extensive range of services and hosting choices including a new website and landing page, website remake, website maintenance and affordable web hosting all at a reasonable price.

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With minimum $500 you can have a Landing Page Website which is good for type of businesses that mostly provide mobile service to their customers, such as Auto Glass Repair, Painting Service, etc.

We can setup your website even just today.

Best SEO Houston

One of our essential web services is to make your website popular on internet like it never been before. Your website visibility is important to bring more traffic and customers to your business website or blog. You might hear a lot about SEO which is abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization. SEO will help your business growth by 30% in revenue and that is proven by many different industries. SEO has two major techniques which are On-page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. On-Page deals with the content of your website while off-page deals with how your website is known on internet by voting other websites.

Our customers optionally can ask for on-page optimization plan while we setup their business website or personal blog. At triHead we think business not only income. We are looking for long term relation with our customers as we all are the same family in business.

What Customers Tell About Our Services



As an example, let’s take the content marketing process. It’s a process you’ll find in every Marketing Department out there. The issue is, it can be rather hectic and chaotic unless the process.

There will be writers, designers, SEO experts, and web designers, all working together to create a single piece of content. The first draft is written and reviewed to create the final draft.

  • Create a new idea for client project
  • Start designing wire frame in Photoshop
  • Development and coding overall project
  • Test and execute final project on online server


Based on idea, we will start to design wire framing in Photoshop



Finally we will execute the project for client on the online server


01. IDEA

Based on client needs, We will provide some good solutions



After designing idea in the Photoshop, we’re going to complete the project